Professional Solutions

Gain control of your brand identity and move your customers to the bottom of the sales funnel with Galaxy Web themes custom web design services.

Team of Experts

We identify your goals, plan your strategy and create website design that matches your marketing framework.

Next Level Design

Maximize your website’s online potential and facilitate a better customer experience. We've got you covered from sitemap and wireframe creation to web design and development.

e-Commerce Web Design

At Galaxy Web themes, we understand the nuances of e-Commerce web design. When you sell products online, the design of your website is crucial to its success.

Digital Advertising

Attract your customers with a powerful online advertising. We provide you with a central platform that gives you an overview of everything related to your business online.

Website Hosting

We ensure high reliability and uptime, site security and improved SEO and online performance. We offer reliable customer support, unlimited bandwidth...

Domain Name Registration

Let your visitors & customers find you easily! Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly and convenient option to access your website.

Graphic Design

We provide the best graphic design solutions that are customized to meet your brand requirements. We bring you outstanding graphic designs.


Your brand is the message your business is trying to communicate with your people. It is imperative that you devise a perfect brand identity that will fit in your business.

Process steps in our projects


During this step, through research and brainstorming sessions, Our Expert team will outline the first ideas and concepts for the website that would fit your specifications.


This is the step where the website starts to take shape. The web designer will now have all the data needed to start working on the actual look of this project.


This is where we go behind the scenes to provide the actual website “feel”, now has to develop a website to meet all the requirements identified in the planning phase.


Once your website has been tested thoroughly, we will deploy it to a fast, secure, & highly scalable server.We provide a free asuitable SSL certificate to our clients

Whatever may be your requirement - be it a simple website design, a complex data driven web application development, an e-commerce website, .
a native or cross platform mobile app development, a logo or brand identity design- we have a solution for you.


Why Choose Us?

We have chosen to only create one-of-a-kind web designs. Our goal is to position your business as a top player in your industry and surpass all competitors. A top-notch, professional web design boosts credibility with all customers (existing and potential) and ultimately leads to future growth...

We take the time to hand code all sites using latest technology and cross-compatibility. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, an iPhone or an iPad we believe your site should load properly everywhere. Even if you’re still using Internet Explorer as your browser of choice (not a good decision), we make sure to test our code in all the major browsers available(Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

We Quantify Our Success: Visitor tracking allows us to quantify our success and see what is working and what is not. Monthly reports are emailed to you and full traffic data is available online anytime. We Deliver On Time:We know that time is money in business, so we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our clients) and stick to them.

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